Barcode Label Printer Black Copper BC-LP1300


Black Copper BC-LP1300

BCLP1300 is cited.

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Thermal Barcode Label Printer with High Definition

There are two types of the Black Copper BC-LP1300: thermal transfer and direct thermal. With its robust 32-bit processor, it can produce labels quickly. This printer is made to be effective and productive, and it can print at up to 127mm per second.


Barcode Label Printer Black Copper BC-LP1300 Description

With direct thermal and thermal transfer options, the Black Copper BC-LP1300 is a flexible thermal label printer.
Strong CPU: The BC-LP1300’s 32-bit CPU allows for quick label printing.
Plenty of Storage: You can store a lot of fonts and graphics for quick access and effective printing thanks to the 16MB of flash memory.
High Printing Speed: With a maximum print speed of 127 mm per second, the BC-LP1300 is a productive and effective option for your labeling requirements.
Long-lasting Ribbon: Since you won’t need to replace the ribbon as frequently, the 300 meter ribbon limit cuts down on downtime.
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Features of the Printer Model BC-LP1300 Printing

resolution : 203 DPI
Printing technique : Direct Thermal Transfer/Thermal Transfer
Maximum print speed :  of 127 mm/s Maximum print width: 108 mm (4.25 inches).
Print length maximum : of 1778 mm (70″)
Media type: Notched, Perforated, Fan-fold, Continuous, Gap, Black Mark, Labels, Stickers, Roll.
Media width: 1.0″–4.6″ (25.4-518 mm).
Thickness of the media: 0.06–0.254 mm (2.36–10 mil)
Diameter of the media core: 25.4 ~ 76.2 mm (1 “~ 3 “).
10 – 1778 mm (0.39″ ~ 70”) is the label length.
Roll capacity for labels: 127 mm (5“) External diameter, or OD
Ribbon width: 110 mm; Ribbon capacity: 300 m; Inner diameter of the ribbon core

1 inch, or 25.4 mm
Features of Performance
32-bit CPU; 8MB of flash memory; 8MB of SDRAM; expandable flash memory Interface Standard version: Max.4Gb USB Not required:Bluetooth/LAN/WIFI/TF card
Senses①Gap detector
⑏Black mark sensor ⑏Ribbon sensor ⑏Cover opening sensor
Fonts, Images, and Symbols

In the dynamic landscape of retail, logistics, and manufacturing, the Black Copper BC-LP1300 Barcode Label Printer takes center stage as a reliable and versatile solution for all barcode printing needs. This article explores the features, applications, and competitive pricing of the BC-LP1300, underscoring its impact on the barcode printing industry in Pakistan and beyond -Barcode Label Printer Black Copper BC-LP1300

Barcode Printer Price in Pakistan and TSC Barcode Printer

The BC-LP1300 presents an ideal combination of affordability and performance, making it an attractive choice for businesses in Pakistan. With a competitive barcode printer price, it competes favorably with other renowned brands like TSC, providing businesses with a cost-effective solution for high-quality barcode printing – Barcode Label Printer Black Copper BC-LP1300

GC420T Barcode Printer Settings and Barcode Printer PNG

Setting up and configuring a barcode printer can be a crucial aspect of its functionality. The BC-LP1300, much like the GC420T, offers user-friendly settings that can be easily adjusted to meet specific printing requirements. Moreover, the printer supports the barcode printer PNG format, ensuring compatibility with various graphic formats for creating visually appealing and scannable barcodes – Barcode Label Printer Black Copper BC-LP1300

Handheld Barcode Label Printer and Thermal Barcode Printer

The BC-LP1300 stands out with its versatility, accommodating both handheld barcode label printing and traditional desktop usage. Whether for on-the-go labeling needs or high-volume printing in a fixed station, this printer adapts to diverse scenarios seamlessly. Its thermal printing capabilities ensure durable and high-resolution barcodes that meet industry standards – Barcode Label Printer Black Copper BC-LP1300

Thermal Barcode Printer Software and Barcode Printer Printing Blank Labels

Efficient printing is contingent on robust software, and the BC-LP1300 delivers with its thermal barcode printer software. This software simplifies the printing process, allowing businesses to design and print labels with ease. Additionally, the printer addresses common issues such as printing blank labels, ensuring consistent and error-free output – Barcode Label Printer Black Copper BC-LP1300

Barcode Scanner and Printer Price in Pakistan and Barcode Printer and Scanner

The BC-LP1300 complements the evolving needs of businesses by supporting both barcode printing and scanning functionalities. As a dual-purpose device, it streamlines operations, reducing the need for separate equipment. With a competitive barcode scanner and printer price in Pakistan, the BC-LP1300 proves to be a cost-effective investment for businesses looking to optimize their workflow – Barcode Label Printer Black Copper BC-LP1300

Label Printer and Commercial Thermal Label Printer

Beyond barcode printing, the BC-LP1300 serves as a versatile label printer suitable for various applications. Its commercial thermal label printing capabilities make it an ideal choice for businesses requiring high-quality labels for products, packaging, and logistics. The printer’s adaptability to commercial demands ensures that businesses can rely on it for diverse labeling needs – Barcode Label Printer Black Copper BC-LP1300

Label and Receipt Printer and Label Printer for Bottles

The BC-LP1300 excels as a multi-functional device, offering both label and receipt printing capabilities. This flexibility makes it an indispensable tool for businesses seeking an all-in-one solution. With its adaptability to different label sizes and materials, including bottles, the BC-LP1300 caters to a wide range of industries and applications – Barcode Label Printer Black Copper BC-LP1300


In conclusion, the Black Copper BC-LP1300 Barcode Label Printer emerges as a frontrunner in the world of barcode printing technology. Its competitive pricing, user-friendly settings, and versatile functionalities make it a preferred choice for businesses seeking reliable and efficient label printing solutions. Whether used for barcode generation, label printing, or as a combined barcode scanner and printer, the BC-LP1300 stands as a testament to precision and innovation in the ever-evolving field of barcode technology – Barcode Label Printer Black Copper BC-LP1300


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